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This Colo Quote Calculator allows you to obtain your own quote, anonymously. You can use our two pricing methods, by Cabinet (full and/or partial) or by Power Commitment to optimize your costs. Cabinet pricing consists of 6 comprehensive packages that include the cabinet(s), power components, power/cooling costs and Internet services. Pricing is shown in two parts: The Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) and the initial setup costs as Non-Recurring Charge (NRC). Below is the list of prominent features included with these packages. If you have any questions regarding these package offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at Data Center Brokers (507) 398-5964.
Standard Features
Comments: Vaultas meets or exceeds most regulatory requirements (SAAE16, HIPPA, PCI, etc).
Select Cabinet Packages There are six packages available with this special offering. A full cabinet (42U) plus fractional portions of a full cabinet. The fractional cabinets are depicted as bars in a graph to help you visualize the difference in sizes. Selections:

available • Full 42U Cabinets - Select the number of full cabinets by entering this number in the box. This number can range from 0 to 999.

• Fractional Cabinets – Select one of the 5 sizes or none.

Press the button below to calculate the total cost of your package choices.

Select Power Package The power package quote below is based on the maximum power you require. The quote provided will require you to committ to paying for this power at $145 / Kw / Month. The quoted price uses the following guidelines:

• Power Minimum: 12Kw

• Minimum Power per Cabinet: 2Kw - Note: The power level may be increased by 1Kw so that all cabinets will have a minimum of 2K power available.

• Maximum Power per Cabinet: 5Kw
  Enter your maximum power level required in Kw. If less than 12 Kw, this Power Package will not be quoted.   

Press the button below to calculate the total cost of your package choices.

Package Selections Click on the "Calculate or Update Cost of Selected Packages" button to display the list and costs of your selected packages (Cabinet & Power).

Select Options and Services Click on the check-boxes to select to select the Options you require. Remote Hands are charged for the time to perform this service. By selecting this option, you are pre-paying for one hour of this service.
Note: If you have changed any cabinet selection, you will need to re-select the Options because your previous selections may no longer be valid.

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