Colocation  Market Place - Throughout the USA and Canada
Our business, as a Colocation Marketplace, is to find providers that can best meet your colocation requirements and needs at competitive prices. Data Center Brokers is an independent agency associated with many colocation providers.

Our exclusive custom Google Map lets you easily research many of our colocation offerings. Click on the“red-colored" markers to show photos, summaries, and detailed descriptions. Add your preferred data centers to the Shopping Cart as you are searching for your choices. Note: Click on "blue-colored" markers to expland these clusters.
The Cart will let you sift through your preferred selections and share them with us. The Cart's listings can be displayed by clicking on the cart-icon located at the top-right of this screen.

As provider-partners, we are here to help you through the research, quote, and purchase processes.

Broker: Bob Dubke
Phone: (507) 398-5964
Email: Broker@DataCenterBrokers.com.
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