Power Calculator (Approximate only)
Note: This calculation is for the IT floor area only.

This is a load calculator that estimates the power required for computer load (entered as watts per square foot) and the amount of square feet involved. The cells highlighted in yellow are values that are entered manually. The remainder of the spreadsheet has the values calculated using power-utility formulas. This calculator does not consider various other losses such as transformer losses, etc. The load calculated is for a designated "hot day" which sets a maximum load.
Electrical Load Calculator
Square Feet of Data Space
Watts per Square foot of data electrical load
Total Power Required (Mega-Watts)

Load Description KW BTUs/Hour Tons Amperes
Computer load
Computer load in amperes on the 480 volt service (Three Phase load)
Air conditioning load at 0.8 KW/Ton efficiency (480 volt load)
Total Electrical load added to 480 volt three phase service
Total Heat gain in space

Notes/Assumptions/Input Values
BTUs/KW of load 3,413
BTUs/Ton of cooling 12,000
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